December 19, 2007

Inspired by Erin Brockovich

Hey people.... sorrie 4 not blogging for some time but i do read the rest of you ppl's entry..

Have not been blogging for some time cause i was caught up by many things.... all miserable things la.. that i dont even feel like talking about it...

I wanted to talk about attire today... All of us have a different style when it comes to dressing.. because as similar in characteristic we are ,there are bound to be some differences, In my case i wear what i like.. Yess.....As long as i have one arse instead of two i wear whatever i want!!!!

I hate this hypocrite world where people talk smack about others all the time ..yess even best buddies... men think their guy friends don't gossip... but unfortunately they are wrong... even straight men talk smack about their own friends... As much as we think that we shouldn't take what people say seriously... we cant help being bothered by certain remark...but we know our self the best...we don't know how others think... so just brush those remarks aside and keep going...they are not the ones who are going to be there when you go for a job interview,or pay for your car loan...

The horrible truth is in todays world NO one can be trusted..... trust yourself and no one... u can even trust the devil but not a devil in disguise..... Some people say dont take things too personally but THIs is my life... my heart.. and my integrity..if that is not personal , I don't know what it is... There is another way to look at things...... Buat muker tembok... Yess.... in other words should have a thick skin lor!!!!


September 21, 2007

The end......

Never Thought I would say this...
The never ending drama in my life is officially OVER today...
You guys can be rest assured that it has finally come to an end..
I would probably miss it... but everything happens for a reason...
An ending... is towards a NEW beggining!!!!

September 3, 2007

I Screwed Up BIG TIME

I did something that I promised myself to never do...

I don't think i can forgive myself

I feel like a fool... the fool est person on earth

I feel damn shitty

I feel like a Moron

I'm not going 2 forgive myself


I called a person who told me not to call coz someone was not happy we are friends

and yet i did cause i was actually genuinely worried bout the person...

The person answered.... and said " I TOLD U NOT 2 CALL AIGHT.... TUT TUT TUT TUT TUT TUT TUT.... phone got slammed hard !!!!!!!

I'm not proud of myself...

Yet it hurts...

I feel like someone has ripped my heart...

I fucked up BIG TIME!!!!!!!

I wish i could take back that moment

I wont forgive myself!!!!!!!!!!!

August 17, 2007

FCuk em all !!!

Have you experienced a moment where you wished everything around you stopped and freezes and you are the only who who feels alive, cause when everything else is alive and moving you feel dead and trapped?? Or more likely going tro death in a slow process... that's how i felt for a few months... I've been bumming at home with no Internet connection... my phone lines were dead, and the only thing i had with me was my 29 inches TV and my mom's harlequin romance novel that turns you into a hypocrite... cause you wann all that romance, yet you know its fantasy but you claim to be a realist?? WTF!!!

Anyways... i was going through a moment of REDs... these are not like BLues.. where you have a bad hair day, an acne , your car breaks down.. REds are worse than that, they suffocate you, other people's jealousy and manipulation feed on you, you realise that your own family is against you, your best friend feels better about her breakup cause your bf dumped you in a more awful manner, your ex shows up any says he thinks he loves you after 3 freaking yrs only to find out his current gf hates him, you are often asked why you are single? why you don have a friendster??? My personal life is private... i don wanna parade my pics and let the world known wats my fav food, clothes and crappp..... i have enough headaches with ppl in my life!! Do i need another 50000 unknown friends???

The crappie part is wen u realise that every single ppl in your life have invaded your space (there is this line you dont cross)that even when you are taking ur shower some moron will knock and screw ur moment of solitary.... everybody talks smack bout everything and nobody actually cares what you think and how you actually feel.....

Ur family- They think you are weird when you tell them ur dreams, they take you for granted(you are only wanted when: washing dishes,laundry,cleaning) You work like a dog to get someones attention but ur parent pays more attention to the one who has the most attention, every thing you say or do is left to deaf ears...... You try, and try, yet you are ignored, you still suck in their eyes, You try to keep
away, they bug you even when you sleep, (when you cry ur self 2 sleep thats when they switch on the lights and talk loudly)
And just sometimes you wish they could just love you the way you are, you donwann their money,just love and affection
but they cant seem to give even that.. sometimes even when you to do the right thing you end up falling on your face.
Dysfunctional family is common, but not when you feel trapped and slowly your souls is taken away!!!

BFF- Who ever who came up with that term didn't know what the hell he or she was talking about!!! There is o nly two type of friend, one is
the one you trust and the one you don't. I can count with my fingers when it comes to ppl i trust, believe me non of my family
members are in it!!! The one you trust is the ones who also opens up to you, not someone who only listens and never tells you
anything, it means she or he doesn't think you are trust able , they are shrouded with secrecy and feel you are not important enough, (I'm talkin bout basic stuffs like family, horrible ex , not explicit details) They claim they love you, but yet they indulge on the fact you are as unhappy as they are, you got dumped in a worse manner,you have put on tons of weight so its ok if they do too,they have a bf and you are dead single,( at least their time is pre-occupied while you read MIlls and BOOns and croon when you see Clive Owen or Keanu Reeves!!!
To think about it you don need poison to kill yourself, ppl like this take the life out of you...

Your Ex- Another specimen to screw up your life.
The day you walk out of our life don come back..
Because you had a choice, your choice was to walk out..
You never loved before, what makes you think you do now??
You shattered hearts before, what makes you think you wont wreck it again?
The word X says it all... i donwanna buddy buddy wif you... i don believe in that, in the long run someone is gonna get hurt
again... the only consolation your ex can give is, GET OUT of your life 4ever, cease to exist,NO phone calls,NO sms, maybe
a pathethic email once in a while... but bottom of line is Just GET OUT!!!

TMnet- I dono wat to say about this ppl..... streamyx suckzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 2 der core

I'm showing my middle finger!!!

June 29, 2007

Telekom Corrupted.. Streamyx suckzz... Tunggakan???

I dono bout the rest of you guys.. but many housing areas in Cheras suffered from corrupted telekom service yesterday... which was so freaking annoying... it lasted for about more than 5 hours and no one can contact each other through the house phones.. the most irritating part was some houses had weird voice mails saying that network was busy ??? wtf??? tried calling Telekom using my mobile.. and some weird computerised voice stated that that number is not in service?????? Hello.......... what is the Ministry of Communication doing..???

Streamyx what can I say... always have freakin problem with it... to come to think of it.. it's just like using Dial up... where der connection is freakin slow.. so slow that when I sat in front of the computer I was 22 and when I switched it off I was like reaching 84....

But they never fail to send us a bil statement wif the word tunggakan catching your eyes... Even if you have already payed.. the freaking bil alwayssssss states the same bloody thinggy... connection oredi awful but sending bil statement always on time wif extra payment.. There were times where they disconnected my streamyx line cause apparently we didn't pay?? WTF??

When I call those annoying hotlines(Customer Service) those people put you through hell before you can talk to them... you pick up the receiver with a good mood... hear a whole bunch of computerised crappie thinggy

" All our Customer Service are busy at the moment.. please wait awhile.." yada yada.. music... a long awful music.. and at last when someone finally picks up.. ur good mood turns ugly and all you wanna do is vent your anger on them... Especially when they say " You have not paid your outstanding bill... bla bla..." Then when you point it to them that you have paid and have the bil statement with you, they go like...." OOh... sorry maam... we have not updated our system yet.. we will reconnect your streamyx line.. please pay extra RM 10 !!!!"

Yeah like WTF???

I'm wondering... who should we blame?? The post office?? Streamyx?? Customer Service???

But one thing is for sure bloody capital INCOMPETENT....

The question is are you ABLE or not???

HIdup Bodohland....

June 25, 2007

My very busy life......

Its been awhile since I've blogged... damn busy wif college and stuffs and my finals are around the corner... its not that i don't have the time but more like no mood to type and all... imagine after typing pages and pages of assignment all i wanted to do is either sleep or watch TV... anyways i had this interesting conversation wif a friend.. about things you hopefully can do before you die... sounds weird but we did come up wif funny stuffs.. and here are a few that i came up wif...(hopefully i would execute them... or at least try)

1. Go on a European Tour ( I wanna take a train from London to Zurich and drink the best wine)

2. Name my daughters Dayanara Sachi and Rhea Sheridan

3. Walk in the rain without an umbrella with my hubby...") ( I wanna be drenched)

4. Play paintball with at least 20 of my best friends...

5. Watch a live tennis match where Roger Federer plays.

6. Watch a live Liverpool match during EPL.

7. Be a successful wedding planner

8. Watch Rajinikanth groove when he's 74 young

9. Go for Muthu's pink wedding dressed in a white Saree with red Hurley earrings

10. Be the best mom in the world... ( I wanna be the soccer mom,car pool mom)

11. Read Judith Mcnaught's book in a paddy- field

12. Shop in New York without worrying about credit limits in the best boutiques

13. I love big windows ... I wanna live in a condo with big windows ...

14. Watch my mom ran after my kids and answer their curious questions.

15. Shop till drop with my mother in law and have a fun- tastic day

16. Go for a drive in a limousine

17. Go for a rock concert dressed in leather pants

18. Get married on a swing ( gold coloured Indian architecture swing)

19. Eat ice-cream at home(my home not my mom's) alone wearing my hubby's white shirt
whilst watching Oprah with my doggie.

20. Dressed as Angel of death for a Halloween party.

21. Tell my uncle and his bimbo wife to take a dunk AGAIN. ( More dramatic)

22. Tell yet another bitch to go get a life after14 years...

23. Visit My old high school at age of thirty.I was studying in a Convent.

24. Get to chat wif my favourite teachers and lecturers one day...( all missing redi one in
overseas one got transferred)

25. Play football with a tin can again with my old skool mates.

26. Marry a man who can remember my Birthday and Wedding Anniversary.

27. Not watch Vijay the actor wearing a wig whens he is 57 prancing around with a gal old
enough to be my daughter on screen.

28. Watch Roman Holiday with my children even if they complain.

29. Able to sing at the age of 60.

30. Give my mom a treat for a princess and buy her a beautiful home.

31. Own a original peace of art.

32. Adopt a child.... I love kids I wanna have 5 or moreeeeeeeee!!!!

33. Attend all my best buddies wedding... looking good..

34. Always have Dato' Seri Guruji's blessing and love.

35. Get married by 26.

36. Badly wanna get those old record players.. I love antiques...

37. Eat Indian food in Japan....

38. Have a closet full of Jimmy Choo's shoes.

39. Get a ticket for the Oprah show.

40. Grow really old with my hubby and still have my mom around.

I have more but I'm not gonna bore you guys with it... hehehe.......

June 5, 2007

A whole load of stuffs...

I've gone missing for awhile.. loads of things la... streamyx down,fell sick again,bitchy lecturer.. and loads of other stuffs... I honestly didn't have any mood to blog and now I do... I might not blog about shopping for awhile cause classes have started and "lucky me" I'm stucked wif a bitch... she's sooooooooo picking on a few of us that its beginning to annoy like shit... psycho bitch..

Anyways... I believe in the term Karma... what goes around comes around... some say revenge is bad bla bla.. but who cares ??to me revenge is sweet... hehehe...

I dono why nowadays people tend to seek me for personal advice in relation to their love affairs... lolz... shit.. I'm actually the last person you should talk to cause we're riding in the same boat.. I mean I get it la they know yours is a big failure so they come and tell their sob story to u(knowing that your cerita lapuk is even worse) and when they relive the awful story they feel so much better... I mean that's a sadist aight??? I'm bored of these topic la, .. cause they and their story is sooooooo predictable that we can know their next move... and funny enough even wen you talk to at least 4 people everyone has almost der same darn story that this seems to be cliche or a great coincidence bla bla.. over the centuries same bloody game being played over and over again.... BORIng... tolong la... people oredi think all diz tactic expired redi....

Which is why I agree with the tag.. "People always leave"... and they always leave when you need them the most... haiya...

Nowadays... there seems to be nothing on TV that I seem to anticipate to watch.. gone were the days I use to be glued to the TV watching ANTM, American idol... Charmed,OTH and so on..
They have nothing on Astro man... I pay sooo much and the minute it drizzles the whole thinggy goes kaput... Astro's slogan should be "Repetition to death"...

Now.. about that bitch.. what has Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Malaysia got to do wif Advertising???
Who cares about all diz crap?? The politician have no other better work to do then to debate about petty matters why den you bring up crappie topic in class?? These are the same people who debate about some Indonesia drama in Parliament ... (rolling my eyes) hello..... If you wanna talk about on going issue wanna go off topic a bit talk la about Altantuya Case or other important stuffs... why bitch about this bahasa thing?? To avoid racism?? Helloooooooooooooo even if its changed wat made you think this would decrease racism... people still see you as Indian... Chinese...Sikh they don't say Malaysian!!!!!! Stupid topic to talk about during class hours...

I'm showing my middle finger bitch!!!!

May 9, 2007


Boost Your Breasts, Uplift Your Look!

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Source: Oprah

Guess whose back.........

Sorry.. peepz.. u didn't c me for some time cause I've been ill... I spent my days in bed in between sneezes and blowing my nose with Kleenex.. I felt horrible cause not only my nose was dripping I felt my whole body was switched with an alien's anatomy... my days were filled with Oprah , ANTM and American Idol...kinda like a scene from You've got mail where Meg Ryan is on the bed and Hanks drop by with her daisies...hehehehe by der way Blake looked darn cute and I hope Jordan wins.. she kinda reminds me of Norah Jones... the whole big eye thinggy and beautiful curly hair...

Anyways I'm still kinda wobbly but much better... my sem break is going to end soon.. and I'm dreading the whole issue of going back to Uni.. I love college, is the travelling that suckz.. Whilst on holiday prior to me being pathetically sick I went out for lunch with two of my best buddies, we were in Leisure Mall, I met them in Baskin Robbins and was thrilled to see em' after so long, Khaya was a vegetarian so we took some time to hunt for a vegetarian shop, we didn't find one so we settled for a shop where they could provide something without meat.. as soon as we sat we ordered, she strictly told them no meat... the waitress started asking us "Ikan boleh?" I was flabbergasted... who on earth told em' that vegetarians eat fish?? and since when fish is vegetarian?? As much as irritated we were, patience is a virtue, so we when back to basics..." Takde kak.. jangan taruk apa apa yang ader daging.. ikan apa apa pun tak boleh hanya sayur"

The next thing she uttered didnt surprise me " Udang boleh?Telur boleh... err.. ikan bilis boleh?"
We went like "EHH... tak boleh tak boleh..... daging tak boleh.. hanya sayur cendawan macam itu boleh"
She nodded her head as if she finally understood and went off..
10 minutes later she came back with the food.. mine and KB's food was fine, Khaya's was not
The "Vegetarian food" had everything we had specifically asked her not to put...!!!

I mean we are all Malaysians.. the person who took our order is a Malaysian.. how on earth can you live in Malaysia when you don't know the meaning of vegetarian?? Weren't you people thought about other people's culture in the first place?? respect other people's value and beliefs for gawd sake... wait.. in the first place these people aren't thought moral education way back in school to appreciate different culture's practice and the way they go about their fasting ... how can these people be under the coconut shell for centuries??? And to call one a Malaysian?? We are living in a multi religion nation where one has to know whats going on.. please don't be this shallow... reminds me of Jessica Simpson's ranting about tuna being chicken... God!!!

Next, I opened the newspapers and there was this article that caught my attention... Sikh people being accused of being Arab/Taliban in United States... how dumb!!! This is one of the most ridiculous thinggy I've heard after Britney's head shaving gig... Why can't some people get it that Sikh and Talibans are wayyyyyyyyyy totally different.. just because they happen to wear turban that doesn't mean they are Arab... look at the Punjabi's features... they are Indian... didn't you morons learn Intercultural Communication ??

ANTM... I was born to watch this show.. despite the fact mom hates Tyra Banks I think she's hot... Caridee and Melrose are annoying... this is the first time I kinda disagree with the panel judges approval.. Caridee is another dumb blond looking like a ditz trying to impress Nigel sadly she doesn't succeed...her worst on screen comment to Nigel was about the stick stuffed up his arse!!!!! How dumb.... you don't go around making comments like that to the judging panel... Melrose... is another pain .. selfish..cunning,fakelicious ,not loyal.. and has all the characteristic to be the next Janice Dickinson.. The twins were the only nice ones and and I really really liked Ajay... the Judges are just plain dumb....

Anyways..Learning about other people's culture is important.. atleast the basics.. so that you know how to treat and go about a person with different culture and background... you dont want to be branded and accussed of being rude and obnoxious...

April 26, 2007

Mary Kay

Elige® Eau de Parfum. This modern sheer oriental is the perfect balance of light, sparkling top notes like peony, freesia and Amazon lily. And exotic lower notes like ylang ylang, Indian sandalwood and mahogany.
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Why cant people be more open minded, as much as I respect other people's opinion, respect mind too la, if you don't agree just say you don't and fuck off la, why must you thrash those opinions with little respect and so on, calling people hypocrite and so on, I'm sick of giving a reason because this is going to be a never ending story... you thrash me I thrash you... blah blah.. I'm entitled to my opinion so do you, but if you have something great to say start your own fucking blog where you can type pages to stress your point, don't use other people's blog to state your village typical timbaktu set of mind... and I hate it even worse when some weirdos google an expired story and leave a comment!!! So damn annoying la.....

Moving on, my new black pantie went missing, I was looking high and low for it... damn, It took me hours to shop and its even more annoying when things go missing, I knew I did my laundry but mom was the one who stashed our clothes in the cupboard, but where der heck is the pantie??? I went to take my shower later in the evening and noticed that someone else wore em'!!! How Gross!!! Who else if not for devil!!!!! She left it in the shower and forgot to dump it in the laundry basket!!! I was soooooo furious!!! I had it up to my head I went complaining to mom... mom wasn't shocked but she just said u know bout her aight?? I know damn well about that filthy idiot!!!I took a deep breath and calmed down, told my self... after all its just a pantie... I'll keep buying and devil can keep stealing!!!!!!

April 20, 2007

Bobby Brown Cosmetics

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Source: Bobby Brown

April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre!!!!

Just when we thought the whole episode of Columbine High School Massacre in year 1999 20th April was over here comes another one with a higher death toll.. apparently there were around 32 victims proving that this is one of the most horrifying and deadliest shooting rampage in US history.

I was glued to the TV watching CNN for the updates, I was shocked to know that the gunman used two handguns and carried multiple clips of ammunition attacking the students and staffs in Virginia Tech.. the worst part was people inside the building didn't even know what was happening, they weren't given a warning, in fact many actually knew later on through emails as they were quarantined , these emails were accessed by students who had their laptops with them, apparently some even had an audio of the gun sound but a whole lot of people online thought it was a cruel joke and dismissed the whole scenario as a prank joke!!!

When the gunmen started firing everyone hit the floor immediately ,and one student commented that the shot felt like forever, some thought there were two people involved in the massacre but this was denied, the gun shot sounded like continuous hammering i don't know why but this reminds me of the 1983 Beirut Barrack Bombing where it involved suicide bombers and how cruel this people can be!! Imagine an explosive weighing at 5400 kg??? Sick!!!

Gunmen is most probably an Asian kid... great!!! We have another solid reason for the whites to hate Asian's even more.... there were students jumping off the windows due to this incident, until Monday, worst massacre in U.S. history was in Killeen, Texas, in 1991. Bush offered his prayers for the victims... he can only do that la... too many people died redi la in Bush Admin.. less talk more action la.. please for gawd sake do something about your second amendment
the right of the people to keep and bear arms"though it has new precedents and so on, yada yada yada... somehow it is still not working,someone, somewhere and something is still somewhat wrong...

Where do we think countries like Sri Lanka and other poor countries get their machine weapons from? Obviously supplied by the US licenced dealers, indirectly authorised by the US government, and there are many illegal weapon dealers who are exploiting the poor and war effected countries.. hello. spare us the sorry tale about how you guys have banned many, if you have banned many suppliers why then is it still easy to get guns in US illegally?? Even if its licenced why is it still easy for a minor or a student to get a gun??

Look.. this amendment was done during the Elizabethan era, war times, people needed the gun for obvious reasons at that time, therefore the amendment was made, we are not saying you should abolish the amendment totally, just make sure the laws are stricter when it focuses on armed goods!!!

Remember the movie Lord of War starring Nicholas Cage?

there is this particular dialogue that caught my attention

Where there's a will, there's a weapon.
He Sells Guns... And He's Making A Killing.

The first and most important rule of gun-running is:
never get shot with your own merchandise

On top of all these it has to be an Asian guy... the impression of the westerns towards Asians are even more tarnished after this, blame who ?when racist comments take place ?The number of Asians migrating to Western countries is increasing over the years, so is the dilemma we have to face in a foreign land...

God rest the victims soul..
May Bush wake up from his coma and walk the walk and talk the talk.. don't always want to save your rice bowl!!!

April 14, 2007

Cat Crown goes 2 SJP...

Sarah Jessica Parker's unique sense of quirky elegance touched our hearts through her lovable character, Carrie Bradshaw, on "Sex and the City.In 2004, the actress was recognized by the exclusive Council of Fashion Designers of America who presented Sarah Jessica Parker with the "Style Icon" award.

Now a fashion icon, whose glamorous photo frequently adorns the covers of Vogue, In Style and Harper's Bazaar, Parker credits some of her love for fashion to Sex and the City's costume designer, Patricia Field. Field's penchant for creating fresh looks, new classics, funky expressions and making decade-old designs seem fresh and new, found its way into the living rooms of the everyday American life.

She is known for her passion for shoes and took designer Manolo Blahnik to new career heights with her devotion to his expensive designer stilettos. In fact, it is rumored that she had a bit of influence on her son James' first words? One of his first words was shoe...

6 things that I think men should have in their closet..

Masculine, passionate, easy going. If this describes you- than this is the perfect fragrance for u.


Woven Material: 100% COTTON

PADINI Authenthics

Its all business what der heck you gonna wear?? Please don't buy ciplak items from Petaling street.. get a proper suit.. Giorgio Armani is the perfect choice.. beautiful tailor fitted cut.. price aso cut throat la.. but at least have once decent suit that you'll be proud of..

MENS L/PANTS Fabric Type: Woven Material: 100% COTTON .(PDI)

Diesel V neck T- shirt... heck the guy looks good in em'..
Something very casual and comfortable.. plus its very fashionable.. is it me.. or is the room getting hot...??

I love men in white...
Everyone should invest in a
good white T-shirt/Diesel.
Even Donald Trump would look
good in white.. hehe

Where 2 shop?


Baggy. Skintight. So low on the hips, it's illegal. Get the right kinda of jeans ppl... here are some tips on how to go about it.. men aso lar....

  • Denim IntelligenceIf you choose jeans well and treat them right, they'll look better and last longer. Here's a few smart rules.

  • Go slowly when you shop. Quality time in the fitting room—45 minutes to an hour—pays off. Pick a store with lots of inventory.

  • Sit or squat while you're trying on jeans to make sure not too much butt is showing (and to gauge comfort level).

  • Be flexible about size. When in doubt, take more than one size into the dressing room.

  • Buy two pairs when you find great jeans—one to hem for heels, the other to hem for flats.

  • Tone down to a dark blue wash; it's most slimming.

  • Think wardrobe, rather than one grubby pair you wear to death (that's so college). Three to five jeans are the minimum: one or two for work or going out (dark, straight-legged denim looks most polished), one or two for weekends (with sneakers or flats), and one with extra give or stretch for "fat" days.

  • See a tailor if jeans aren't precisely right (but never buy them too small.

  • Prevent fade-out by washing dark jeans inside out in cold water

  • Shop online if there are no local stores you like—it can be tricky, but good websites help.
Source: Oprah

Shoes Part 2 Jimmy Choo's...

April 10, 2007

Pearl of Orient here I come.....

Yeah yeah!!! I am going for a holiday.... at last!!!! I need a break!! I'm tired of putting up with some human beings and this time all I wann is a break.... I'll be gone for 5 days la.. not now.. i'll put up an absent board on while I'm gone... and yupz cant wait to see my guruji on the 1st of May.. Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru Saranam...... His Divine Grace... hurrayyyyyyyy!!!!

April 9, 2007

Pharmacy at 3 am? Bangsar???

Devil has striked once more... this time she came up with a even worse tell tale and a spin off from a soap opera!!! She came back home .. I was out... How fortunate for her... of course being as cunning as she is .. she decided to tell mom a story which is based on a lie 100%.. what a bitch!!!!! she told mom that her friend saw me and three other gals in Bangsar at 3 am apparently we were clubbing...Wat a bull shit!!!!!!! I was actually reading my Mills and Boon in my friends house and yacking away through out the night.. devil added that It seems we were in Pharmacy doing our gig!!! I couldn't believe my ears when mom narrated this unbelievable crap shitty story to me.. is something really wrong with her??? she creates this kinda story just to put me into the ugly limelight all over again.. and the person she mentioned saying that he saw me would be the last person on earth to say these kind of things cause I know him!!!!! This is all this bitch's doing... I can feel it man.. some sort of 6th sense.. my yoga sakthi says its devils doing !!!

She is truly a horrible person... wat a bitch!!!!

A few thoughts that crossed my mind..

1. At first you said he saw then you said he wasn't sure.. or were you afraid that your story wasn't convincing


2. If he wasn't sure why must he open his mouth.. and why didn't he talk to the gal he thought was me??

3. I think you are the liar you bitch!!!

4. Thank gawd mom never believed your stupid story

5. Why were you afraid when I said I wanted to talk to him?

6. Even if i went out clubbing whats ur fucking problem???

7. All bangsar clubs closes at 2 am you MORON!!!!!!!

8. With Guruji's blessing I'll have a better life than you........

If you think you can bring me down bitch you are soooo wrong!!!! I'm a survivor.. I'll always tell my self if I

can survive you i can survive any other wanna be bitches...

Tara Rum Pum this April.... Part 1( the 2nd part will b my review)

This is the story of one man, his family and how they overcome the obstacles that life puts in their way, together. It is the story of human spirit and how it ultimately prevails.
Rajveer Singh (Saif Ali Khan) is a pit-crew worker in a racing team with a passion for driving who gets discovered by a team manager, Harry (Jaaved Jaaferi). The same day he accidentally meets a music student, Radhika (Rani Mukerji), who he falls for instantly. He gets drafted into ‘Speeding Saddles’ – a failing race team and transforms from Rajveer Singh to “RV” – the race car driver. While his racing career takes off instantly, his love life also blossoms after a whirlwind romance.
A few months later, he is both a happily married man and one of the country’s best racers. Fatherhood and greater success both follow and soon he is the Number 1 race car driver in the USA, as well as the proud father of two precocious kids – Priya (Angelina Idnani) and Ranveer (Ali Haji).But as a result of a bad racing accident, RV is hospitalized for a few months. When he tries to make a comeback, he realizes that he has been mentally scarred by the accident and has lost his edge. His life now takes a turn for the worse and after a string of failures, he is forced to auction his house and move with his family to a run-down Bronx-style neighborhood.
However, RV and Radhika decide not to tell their children the truth and construct a skillful masquerade of a reality show where they have to live a poor life in order to win a mythical grand prize.The family struggles to survive a life that they are not used to, using a mixture of fantasy and cheerfulness to pull through in the face of adversity. But an incident forces RV to reclaim the life that was taken away from him.Can he, once again and perhaps for a last time, face down his inner demons on the race track? Can the family remain together in the wake of what could perhaps be their biggest challenge yet?
Source: Yash Raj Films

Cherry Pie IV

SUBMITTED BY: Beth Campbell"This is the 1999 American Pie Council's National Pie Championship first place winner in the Fruit and Berry Category."

Original recipe yield:1 - 9 inch pie
30 Min
1 Hr
1 Hr 30 Min

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup shortening
1/2 cup cold water
1 pinch salt

2 pounds sour cherries, pitted
1 1/8 cups white sugar
3 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch
1 tablespoon butter
1/4 teaspoon almond extract


In a large bowl, combine flour and salt. Cut in the shortening until pea sized. Stir in water until mixture forms a ball. Divide dough in half and shape into balls. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight. Roll one ball out to fit a 9 inch pie plate. Place bottom crust in pie plate. Roll out top crust and set aside.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C.) In a saucepan, combine cherries, sugar and cornstarch. Let sit for about 10 minutes. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Lower the heat and simmer for 5 minutes or until the juices thicken and become translucent. Remove from heat and stir in the butter and almond extract. Mix thoroughly and pour into pie shell. Cover with top crust, seal edges, and cut away excess dough. Make several small slits in the top to allow steam to escape.
Bake in the preheated oven for 45 to 55 minutes, or until crust is golden brown

April 4, 2007

Gloria Gaynor

First I was afraidI was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side
But I spent so many nightsthinking how you did me wrong
I grew strongI learned how to carry on
and so you're backfrom outer space
I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face
I should have changed my stupid lockI should have made you leave your key
If I had known for just one secondyou'd be back to bother me

Go on now go walk out the door
just turn around now'cause you're not welcome anymore
weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbyeyou
think I'd crumbleyou think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I will surviveas long as i know how to love
I know I will stay aliveI've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to giveand I'll surviveI will survive

It took all the strength
I hadnot to fall apartkept trying hard to mendthe pieces of my broken heart
and I spent oh so many nightsjust feeling sorry for myselfI used to cry
Now I hold my head up highand you see mesomebody newI
'm not that chained up little personstill in love with youand
so you felt like dropping inand just expect me to be freenow
I'm saving all my lovingfor someone who's loving me

March 31, 2007

Kacang the Dissapointment

10 reasons as to why Kacang and I can never be together ...

10. He tells the truth to avoid being caught, often his truth hurts and suckzz

09. Girls,girls,girls,and girls... the more the better, he might even have a harem

08. He shattered my heart. I cried in the cab , the driver actually thought someone died

07. He doesn't care. He goes missing for months.

06. He forgets my Birthday,continuously for 4 years.

05. He only LIKES me.

04. My past life?? My bad Karma?

03. I cease to exist in your calling list.

02. YOU wasted my time , money and tears.

01. EzhudhungaL enn kallaRaiyil avan irakkamilladhavan, endRu paarungaL enn kallaRaiyil ivall paithiyakkari endRu..ha.ha.ha.) (PURE TAMIL,taken from Vasantha Maligai)
Translation: There should be a statement carved on my tombstone(only in the grave) saying that Kacang was despicable towards me, then the person reading em' should laugh and think that I'm a pathetic nut case ....

STupid,BOdoh ......

I went shoe hunting on my horror the shoes that were on sale were horrible!! Buruk punya buruk!!! I was really unhappy.. the ones that they have in Nose is like ugly and they have been displaying the same darn ones for years!! I don see nice ones... the only consolation is that they are cheap... cheap for what?? They are ugly!! The nice ones are like Jimmy Choo's Stuart Weitzman,Oscar da Le Renta and other branded stuffs that only Mak Datin can afford wei.. Prima Vera is fine.. but even that looks ugly and no variety at all!!! Vincci is even worse.. This is a classic example of the fact that some well known brands could have ugly stuffs.. People rather go randomly into GUESS and buy a shoe there rather than hitting NOSE and VINCCI nowadays.. reason.. no decent ones.. and the service in mid valley suckz...

I prefer Vad and Vid... they have nice shoes there... and their bags are better and different.. though they are a bit expensive atleast they are worth it.. you actually have nice ones there.. I found one in Cheras Leisure Mall and Mid Valley... hmm... now I have to hunt for alternatives..

LAME !!!!!!

Jazz and i took an oath once.. 4 years back that we will never be a member of Friendster!!! Among millions of weirdos we are one of the few people on earth who are not associated with that web!!! and we will NEVER be so don't bug us by asking us the same cliche kind of stuff.. Contrary to what some people believe this is not the way to meet men!! and not the only way to keep in touch with old friends/pals... you people use this as a dating service to meet unknown people and also to tayang your current hot picture so that list of admirers would increase.. what kind of privacy is that??? Admit it la.. half of the people who are in your list would be someone you don't even know.. and this people are commenting on your pics?? what can you say by just looking at a person's face?? they send testimonials?? People , for your info testimonials are only done by people who know you well.. not by some bozo who is trying to figure you out or is flirting with you online!!!what about all the hypocrisy in not meeting up with strangers?? .. Even if you restrict your profile people can still kepoh about you by just hitting the search button or add you using an unknown profile!! I rest my case!!!

Stay Away!!!

I came back home after a nice Friday night with my cousin sis, we stayed at home,chilled,ate potato chips, and yacked for hours and stuffed pizza at 2 am and slept only at 5am,we had gal talk la.. came back home my mood became lousy, I looked at my dressing table and nearly cried!! It was in a total mess!! My eyeliners were missing,my moose bottle was open, mascara gone,earrings missing,eye shadows scattered!!! My SJP perfume was used,my privacy has been violated and I felt my soul has been ripped apart by this devil!!! Worse.. my 21st birthday white gold chain was also missing!!! I knew it.. this must be only one persons work... my sister!!!

How inconsiderate!!! You are working for gawd sake.. you use my stuffs .. put it back where it belongs!! or at least have the courtesy to tell me you want to use it.. or ask my permission first!!Its not as if I'm goin to say NO!! Plus you use them till they are finished and never bother to replace them.. why do you torture me??? why are you being sooooooo bitchy??? I'm a student who saves every penny to buy the things that i want..and yet you don't care or appreciate this,you violate everything you see!!Like " I came, I saw and I conquered!!".. more than being mad.. I'm upset la.. the worse part was when mom told that she was the one who told my sis to wear the chain!! Who would wear other people's gift?especially her 21st b'day gift?? It sentimental to me.. her stupid reason was I don't wear them!!! That has got nothing to do with you using my stuffs, whether i wear them or not its non of your business!! You gave em' to me and its mine, and its up to me to do whatever i want with it!!!

Devil, is so stupid la.. she really sakitkan hati orang!! You are 26 years old and you even have a bf .. ask him to buy for you la.. don't bug me..stop hurting me.. when you first started working.. you never even bought a dime for me.. you never did anything for me!!In fact you take my clothes and make them yours,never ask my permission, If i as much as use your slippers you would create a big scene.. so dramatic that even Marlon Brandon would applaud you from his grave!! You are sooo selfish... plus mom is ur best buddy and you both contemplate to hurt me at every opportunity!! Conspire to shatter my heart!!! Every penny that I use is MY money.. I never take things from a man, never .. never.. to me the only man who deserves to give me things would be my future husband(god knows who der hell is the guy), my guy friends have only given things to me on my b'day... which I receive with guilt and discomfort.. while you on the other hand have a bf for 7 years and he apparently buys expensive stuffs for you... why can't you ask him to buy these things for you instead of using mine??I'm not selfish.. its the way you treat me.. no respect at all for me as a person!!

I've been alone for 22 years while you enjoy life being with your bf.. why do you insist in crippling my life??? You don't care two hoots for me... plus i hate your bf.. you both are hypocrites who are trying to ruin mom and me... busuk hati betul la.... I have worked hard for everything, and i work twice harder than you to get things... my MotorolaE398 was bought buy me by working my ass off in Moron's office Angkasa Raya for 3 months during summer holidays, while you got your phone cause you merengek to mom wanting a phone after seeing mine!!! You are sooo spoiled... I thought you will eventually get married to that moron and get out but you insist in marrying at 30.. what about me??? I'm sick of being alone for 22 yrs and I want to have my own family by the time I'm 25, I have given up looking for Mr.Not so Right.. I don't mind mom looking for me a Ramasamy or Kuppusamy.. I'm just tired.. either this or be a nun.. as long as I get out of this darn place called home..

Mom aso like tak kisah... I'm telling you whether you like it or not.. I'm going to marry at 25 and chao.. cause if I wait for you to marry... I'll go mad or decide to commit euthanasia !!!You and moron have embezzled thousands from mom for years!!and she still forgave you people... I'm not going to do that.. If Papa was here you would not dare to behave in such ways.. I miss dad cause he would know what to do... I'm speechless.. tired and simply hurt by you...!!!!
I'm showing my middle finger !!