March 31, 2007

Stay Away!!!

I came back home after a nice Friday night with my cousin sis, we stayed at home,chilled,ate potato chips, and yacked for hours and stuffed pizza at 2 am and slept only at 5am,we had gal talk la.. came back home my mood became lousy, I looked at my dressing table and nearly cried!! It was in a total mess!! My eyeliners were missing,my moose bottle was open, mascara gone,earrings missing,eye shadows scattered!!! My SJP perfume was used,my privacy has been violated and I felt my soul has been ripped apart by this devil!!! Worse.. my 21st birthday white gold chain was also missing!!! I knew it.. this must be only one persons work... my sister!!!

How inconsiderate!!! You are working for gawd sake.. you use my stuffs .. put it back where it belongs!! or at least have the courtesy to tell me you want to use it.. or ask my permission first!!Its not as if I'm goin to say NO!! Plus you use them till they are finished and never bother to replace them.. why do you torture me??? why are you being sooooooo bitchy??? I'm a student who saves every penny to buy the things that i want..and yet you don't care or appreciate this,you violate everything you see!!Like " I came, I saw and I conquered!!".. more than being mad.. I'm upset la.. the worse part was when mom told that she was the one who told my sis to wear the chain!! Who would wear other people's gift?especially her 21st b'day gift?? It sentimental to me.. her stupid reason was I don't wear them!!! That has got nothing to do with you using my stuffs, whether i wear them or not its non of your business!! You gave em' to me and its mine, and its up to me to do whatever i want with it!!!

Devil, is so stupid la.. she really sakitkan hati orang!! You are 26 years old and you even have a bf .. ask him to buy for you la.. don't bug me..stop hurting me.. when you first started working.. you never even bought a dime for me.. you never did anything for me!!In fact you take my clothes and make them yours,never ask my permission, If i as much as use your slippers you would create a big scene.. so dramatic that even Marlon Brandon would applaud you from his grave!! You are sooo selfish... plus mom is ur best buddy and you both contemplate to hurt me at every opportunity!! Conspire to shatter my heart!!! Every penny that I use is MY money.. I never take things from a man, never .. never.. to me the only man who deserves to give me things would be my future husband(god knows who der hell is the guy), my guy friends have only given things to me on my b'day... which I receive with guilt and discomfort.. while you on the other hand have a bf for 7 years and he apparently buys expensive stuffs for you... why can't you ask him to buy these things for you instead of using mine??I'm not selfish.. its the way you treat me.. no respect at all for me as a person!!

I've been alone for 22 years while you enjoy life being with your bf.. why do you insist in crippling my life??? You don't care two hoots for me... plus i hate your bf.. you both are hypocrites who are trying to ruin mom and me... busuk hati betul la.... I have worked hard for everything, and i work twice harder than you to get things... my MotorolaE398 was bought buy me by working my ass off in Moron's office Angkasa Raya for 3 months during summer holidays, while you got your phone cause you merengek to mom wanting a phone after seeing mine!!! You are sooo spoiled... I thought you will eventually get married to that moron and get out but you insist in marrying at 30.. what about me??? I'm sick of being alone for 22 yrs and I want to have my own family by the time I'm 25, I have given up looking for Mr.Not so Right.. I don't mind mom looking for me a Ramasamy or Kuppusamy.. I'm just tired.. either this or be a nun.. as long as I get out of this darn place called home..

Mom aso like tak kisah... I'm telling you whether you like it or not.. I'm going to marry at 25 and chao.. cause if I wait for you to marry... I'll go mad or decide to commit euthanasia !!!You and moron have embezzled thousands from mom for years!!and she still forgave you people... I'm not going to do that.. If Papa was here you would not dare to behave in such ways.. I miss dad cause he would know what to do... I'm speechless.. tired and simply hurt by you...!!!!
I'm showing my middle finger !!

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