April 9, 2007

Pharmacy at 3 am? Bangsar???

Devil has striked once more... this time she came up with a even worse tell tale and a spin off from a soap opera!!! She came back home .. I was out... How fortunate for her... of course being as cunning as she is .. she decided to tell mom a story which is based on a lie 100%.. what a bitch!!!!! she told mom that her friend saw me and three other gals in Bangsar at 3 am apparently we were clubbing...Wat a bull shit!!!!!!! I was actually reading my Mills and Boon in my friends house and yacking away through out the night.. devil added that It seems we were in Pharmacy doing our gig!!! I couldn't believe my ears when mom narrated this unbelievable crap shitty story to me.. is something really wrong with her??? she creates this kinda story just to put me into the ugly limelight all over again.. and the person she mentioned saying that he saw me would be the last person on earth to say these kind of things cause I know him!!!!! This is all this bitch's doing... I can feel it man.. some sort of 6th sense.. my yoga sakthi says its devils doing !!!

She is truly a horrible person... wat a bitch!!!!

A few thoughts that crossed my mind..

1. At first you said he saw then you said he wasn't sure.. or were you afraid that your story wasn't convincing


2. If he wasn't sure why must he open his mouth.. and why didn't he talk to the gal he thought was me??

3. I think you are the liar you bitch!!!

4. Thank gawd mom never believed your stupid story

5. Why were you afraid when I said I wanted to talk to him?

6. Even if i went out clubbing whats ur fucking problem???

7. All bangsar clubs closes at 2 am you MORON!!!!!!!

8. With Guruji's blessing I'll have a better life than you........

If you think you can bring me down bitch you are soooo wrong!!!! I'm a survivor.. I'll always tell my self if I

can survive you i can survive any other wanna be bitches...

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