April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre!!!!

Just when we thought the whole episode of Columbine High School Massacre in year 1999 20th April was over here comes another one with a higher death toll.. apparently there were around 32 victims proving that this is one of the most horrifying and deadliest shooting rampage in US history.

I was glued to the TV watching CNN for the updates, I was shocked to know that the gunman used two handguns and carried multiple clips of ammunition attacking the students and staffs in Virginia Tech.. the worst part was people inside the building didn't even know what was happening, they weren't given a warning, in fact many actually knew later on through emails as they were quarantined , these emails were accessed by students who had their laptops with them, apparently some even had an audio of the gun sound but a whole lot of people online thought it was a cruel joke and dismissed the whole scenario as a prank joke!!!

When the gunmen started firing everyone hit the floor immediately ,and one student commented that the shot felt like forever, some thought there were two people involved in the massacre but this was denied, the gun shot sounded like continuous hammering i don't know why but this reminds me of the 1983 Beirut Barrack Bombing where it involved suicide bombers and how cruel this people can be!! Imagine an explosive weighing at 5400 kg??? Sick!!!

Gunmen is most probably an Asian kid... great!!! We have another solid reason for the whites to hate Asian's even more.... there were students jumping off the windows due to this incident, until Monday, worst massacre in U.S. history was in Killeen, Texas, in 1991. Bush offered his prayers for the victims... he can only do that la... too many people died redi la in Bush Admin.. less talk more action la.. please for gawd sake do something about your second amendment
the right of the people to keep and bear arms"though it has new precedents and so on, yada yada yada... somehow it is still not working,someone, somewhere and something is still somewhat wrong...

Where do we think countries like Sri Lanka and other poor countries get their machine weapons from? Obviously supplied by the US licenced dealers, indirectly authorised by the US government, and there are many illegal weapon dealers who are exploiting the poor and war effected countries.. hello. spare us the sorry tale about how you guys have banned many, if you have banned many suppliers why then is it still easy to get guns in US illegally?? Even if its licenced why is it still easy for a minor or a student to get a gun??

Look.. this amendment was done during the Elizabethan era, war times, people needed the gun for obvious reasons at that time, therefore the amendment was made, we are not saying you should abolish the amendment totally, just make sure the laws are stricter when it focuses on armed goods!!!

Remember the movie Lord of War starring Nicholas Cage?

there is this particular dialogue that caught my attention

Where there's a will, there's a weapon.
He Sells Guns... And He's Making A Killing.

The first and most important rule of gun-running is:
never get shot with your own merchandise

On top of all these it has to be an Asian guy... the impression of the westerns towards Asians are even more tarnished after this, blame who ?when racist comments take place ?The number of Asians migrating to Western countries is increasing over the years, so is the dilemma we have to face in a foreign land...

God rest the victims soul..
May Bush wake up from his coma and walk the walk and talk the talk.. don't always want to save your rice bowl!!!


Maverick SM said...

The problem in America is the fact that it's pretty easy to get hold of a gun.

I think racist issue is not as bad as that in Malaysia though our media tends to suppress it as well as the fact that the minority still has ability to circumvent or creatively taking advantage of the loopholes and weaknesses of the system that markedly demonstrate the imposition of marginalization and discrimination against the minority.

Someone who is constantly craving said...

it was a truly sad case..and once again i think we can only look back n think why the world has given birth to such extremists..is there any benefit to the world from such killings? condolences to all those that pass away that tragic day..

SuLee said...

oH MY GOD i think i had stumbled across the RIGHT BLOG!!! miss shopaholic, hv u read a book named "confession of a shopaholic" ? you should is super funny..

sad tragedy indeed

MissSHopaHolic said...

Hey... Sophie kinsella's book aight.. of coz.. wouldn't miss it for the world...

zewt said...

a case of anger, depression, no friends and overdose of counter strike.

zewt said...

well... anger can really set a man 'free'... i have to admit i was once like that... filled with anger... luckily i managed to let it all out... by dancing it all away with clubbing hahahaha!!

eh, how come you never post anything you your favourtire value about his latest "shut up" speech?

MissSHopaHolic said...

I let my anger out by bowling.. hehe.. or watching Simpsons...

That guys is a nut case la.. wer got favourite one all la.. but dude could remember all the Shakespeare quotes ... weirdoooo