March 31, 2007

LAME !!!!!!

Jazz and i took an oath once.. 4 years back that we will never be a member of Friendster!!! Among millions of weirdos we are one of the few people on earth who are not associated with that web!!! and we will NEVER be so don't bug us by asking us the same cliche kind of stuff.. Contrary to what some people believe this is not the way to meet men!! and not the only way to keep in touch with old friends/pals... you people use this as a dating service to meet unknown people and also to tayang your current hot picture so that list of admirers would increase.. what kind of privacy is that??? Admit it la.. half of the people who are in your list would be someone you don't even know.. and this people are commenting on your pics?? what can you say by just looking at a person's face?? they send testimonials?? People , for your info testimonials are only done by people who know you well.. not by some bozo who is trying to figure you out or is flirting with you online!!!what about all the hypocrisy in not meeting up with strangers?? .. Even if you restrict your profile people can still kepoh about you by just hitting the search button or add you using an unknown profile!! I rest my case!!!

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