March 31, 2007

Kacang the Dissapointment

10 reasons as to why Kacang and I can never be together ...

10. He tells the truth to avoid being caught, often his truth hurts and suckzz

09. Girls,girls,girls,and girls... the more the better, he might even have a harem

08. He shattered my heart. I cried in the cab , the driver actually thought someone died

07. He doesn't care. He goes missing for months.

06. He forgets my Birthday,continuously for 4 years.

05. He only LIKES me.

04. My past life?? My bad Karma?

03. I cease to exist in your calling list.

02. YOU wasted my time , money and tears.

01. EzhudhungaL enn kallaRaiyil avan irakkamilladhavan, endRu paarungaL enn kallaRaiyil ivall paithiyakkari endRu..ha.ha.ha.) (PURE TAMIL,taken from Vasantha Maligai)
Translation: There should be a statement carved on my tombstone(only in the grave) saying that Kacang was despicable towards me, then the person reading em' should laugh and think that I'm a pathetic nut case ....

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