April 14, 2007

6 things that I think men should have in their closet..

Masculine, passionate, easy going. If this describes you- than this is the perfect fragrance for u.


Woven Material: 100% COTTON

PADINI Authenthics

Its all business what der heck you gonna wear?? Please don't buy ciplak items from Petaling street.. get a proper suit.. Giorgio Armani is the perfect choice.. beautiful tailor fitted cut.. price aso cut throat la.. but at least have once decent suit that you'll be proud of..

MENS L/PANTS Fabric Type: Woven Material: 100% COTTON .(PDI)

Diesel V neck T- shirt... heck the guy looks good in em'..
Something very casual and comfortable.. plus its very fashionable.. is it me.. or is the room getting hot...??

I love men in white...
Everyone should invest in a
good white T-shirt/Diesel.
Even Donald Trump would look
good in white.. hehe

Where 2 shop?


zewt said...

those stuff are expensive!

MissSHopaHolic said...

not all la.. wait for mega sale lor!!!4 someone who works in a bank you sure damn kanjus one la..

zewt said...

hahahaha... work in a bank doesn mean anything... i dont own the bank :P

Someone who is constantly craving said...

eh finally somethin for the guys..u take on my advice real quick..eh..armani coat abit too extreme compared to ur pdi jeans rite haha...i reckon a zara coat is just nice for the avg owner..an armani or hugo boss is around 4k? at the very least?

MissSHopaHolic said...

Of coz la pdi is affordable whilst armani is cut throat.. but once a year armani and hugo boss will have discount then go get ur stuff la.. reaching 4 k la.. but people spend so much for food.. save some money to get a decent suit at least one la.. don be soo stingy lar.. better invest something 4 ur self rather than lavish gift for ur gf.. if u think armani x pensive try MUmbai SEi Bangsar Village II... memang sei.. a bracelet is 5 k... oni mak datin can afford that stuffs.. or if i marry Anandha Krishna...

Maverick SM said...

As to perfume, I prefer Dunhill toilette. The fragrance is nice.

Geogio Armani suit? That's costly unless outdated ones that goes on cheapsale time.

I love to have one but truly, it's damn expensive. Affording it is not the issue but most important is the usage in specific occasions. I'll go for tailor-make that customized.

Someone who is constantly craving said...

i tink my gf will murder u for saying that haha..errmm when hugo boss n armani hav their sales here..their stuff are normally quite shit..thats y there are on sales..furthermore i dont really wear a coat..i prefer watches..now u got any recommendations?

MissSHopaHolic said...
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MissSHopaHolic said...

Not all are shitty.. my cousin bro got an armani shirt during sales looked pretty decent 2 me..anyways i get the point ppl rather buy a new arrival from PDI which is reasonable rather than wait months for Armani to announce their discounted items.. wait i think the obssesion started when i saw Brendan Fraser wearing an armani white shirt...

MissSHopaHolic said...

Not sure of ur taste.. I personally like Guess watches,Tag Huer Tissot.. and Alba..