June 25, 2007

My very busy life......

Its been awhile since I've blogged... damn busy wif college and stuffs and my finals are around the corner... its not that i don't have the time but more like no mood to type and all... imagine after typing pages and pages of assignment all i wanted to do is either sleep or watch TV... anyways i had this interesting conversation wif a friend.. about things you hopefully can do before you die... sounds weird but we did come up wif funny stuffs.. and here are a few that i came up wif...(hopefully i would execute them... or at least try)

1. Go on a European Tour ( I wanna take a train from London to Zurich and drink the best wine)

2. Name my daughters Dayanara Sachi and Rhea Sheridan

3. Walk in the rain without an umbrella with my hubby...") ( I wanna be drenched)

4. Play paintball with at least 20 of my best friends...

5. Watch a live tennis match where Roger Federer plays.

6. Watch a live Liverpool match during EPL.

7. Be a successful wedding planner

8. Watch Rajinikanth groove when he's 74 young

9. Go for Muthu's pink wedding dressed in a white Saree with red Hurley earrings

10. Be the best mom in the world... ( I wanna be the soccer mom,car pool mom)

11. Read Judith Mcnaught's book in a paddy- field

12. Shop in New York without worrying about credit limits in the best boutiques

13. I love big windows ... I wanna live in a condo with big windows ...

14. Watch my mom ran after my kids and answer their curious questions.

15. Shop till drop with my mother in law and have a fun- tastic day

16. Go for a drive in a limousine

17. Go for a rock concert dressed in leather pants

18. Get married on a swing ( gold coloured Indian architecture swing)

19. Eat ice-cream at home(my home not my mom's) alone wearing my hubby's white shirt
whilst watching Oprah with my doggie.

20. Dressed as Angel of death for a Halloween party.

21. Tell my uncle and his bimbo wife to take a dunk AGAIN. ( More dramatic)

22. Tell yet another bitch to go get a life after14 years...

23. Visit My old high school at age of thirty.I was studying in a Convent.

24. Get to chat wif my favourite teachers and lecturers one day...( all missing redi one in
overseas one got transferred)

25. Play football with a tin can again with my old skool mates.

26. Marry a man who can remember my Birthday and Wedding Anniversary.

27. Not watch Vijay the actor wearing a wig whens he is 57 prancing around with a gal old
enough to be my daughter on screen.

28. Watch Roman Holiday with my children even if they complain.

29. Able to sing at the age of 60.

30. Give my mom a treat for a princess and buy her a beautiful home.

31. Own a original peace of art.

32. Adopt a child.... I love kids I wanna have 5 or moreeeeeeeee!!!!

33. Attend all my best buddies wedding... looking good..

34. Always have Dato' Seri Guruji's blessing and love.

35. Get married by 26.

36. Badly wanna get those old record players.. I love antiques...

37. Eat Indian food in Japan....

38. Have a closet full of Jimmy Choo's shoes.

39. Get a ticket for the Oprah show.

40. Grow really old with my hubby and still have my mom around.

I have more but I'm not gonna bore you guys with it... hehehe.......


zewt said...

indian food in japan????? what the....

Chandni said...

I too wanna do soo many things on your list!! I'm an aquarius too.. maybe thats the connection??

Great list!