June 29, 2007

Telekom Corrupted.. Streamyx suckzz... Tunggakan???

I dono bout the rest of you guys.. but many housing areas in Cheras suffered from corrupted telekom service yesterday... which was so freaking annoying... it lasted for about more than 5 hours and no one can contact each other through the house phones.. the most irritating part was some houses had weird voice mails saying that network was busy ??? wtf??? tried calling Telekom using my mobile.. and some weird computerised voice stated that that number is not in service?????? Hello.......... what is the Ministry of Communication doing..???

Streamyx what can I say... always have freakin problem with it... to come to think of it.. it's just like using Dial up... where der connection is freakin slow.. so slow that when I sat in front of the computer I was 22 and when I switched it off I was like reaching 84....

But they never fail to send us a bil statement wif the word tunggakan catching your eyes... Even if you have already payed.. the freaking bil alwayssssss states the same bloody thinggy... connection oredi awful but sending bil statement always on time wif extra payment.. There were times where they disconnected my streamyx line cause apparently we didn't pay?? WTF??

When I call those annoying hotlines(Customer Service) those people put you through hell before you can talk to them... you pick up the receiver with a good mood... hear a whole bunch of computerised crappie thinggy

" All our Customer Service are busy at the moment.. please wait awhile.." yada yada.. music... a long awful music.. and at last when someone finally picks up.. ur good mood turns ugly and all you wanna do is vent your anger on them... Especially when they say " You have not paid your outstanding bill... bla bla..." Then when you point it to them that you have paid and have the bil statement with you, they go like...." OOh... sorry maam... we have not updated our system yet.. we will reconnect your streamyx line.. please pay extra RM 10 !!!!"

Yeah like WTF???

I'm wondering... who should we blame?? The post office?? Streamyx?? Customer Service???

But one thing is for sure bloody capital INCOMPETENT....

The question is are you ABLE or not???

HIdup Bodohland....

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zewt said...

we should all just stop payment until the get the line stablised!