May 9, 2007


Boost Your Breasts, Uplift Your Look!

Get fitted!Many women are wearing the wrong size bra. Go to a professional or a trusting friend and have your chest and cup size measured. With the right size bra and straps, you won't have to tug at your bra to keep it in place

Emphasize your ribcage.No matter your bra size, your ribcage, just below your breasts, is typically the thinnest part of a woman's torso. Always make sure you accentuate that part by wearing fitted fabrics around it. You'll inevitably look thinner and your breasts will look pert.

If you've got 'em, flaunt them.Don't forget about your breasts! If you try to hide them, they may end up looking like one great big lump of flesh. A very plunging bra can allow you to open your neckline and push your breasts forward.

Buy an underwire bra. You're at risk for looking heavier than you actually are. Underwires are essential. They help push the boobs forward as well as upward. It's enough to make you look like you've actually got a waist—and maybe even lost a few pounds!"

Bolster small breasts with gel inserts.If you're not filling out your padded bra, then consider gel inserts.

Wear halter tops with or without a bra…if you're small-chested.If you're breasts are small, you'll look great in a halter top with or without a bra. The angular cut works well with your body, and it also highlights your sexy shoulders—a nice replacement for cleavage.

Wear deep V-neck tops and bras to separate large breasts.

Don't allow your breasts to spill out of your bra.If you find the right size bra, you can boost your bosoms properly and reveal your waist. By doing so, you can create a fabulous hourglass figure.

Don't wear the same bra for years on end!Bras stretch and wear out. Plus, your breasts and body shape may change size over the years. Treat yourself to a new bra every now and then. It's a necessity that'll help you look and feel more vibrant.

Wear fitted jackets if you're top-heavy.Boxy jackets obscure any definition of a waist and cover your breasts. Worst of all, they'll make you look more square than curvaceous. A fitted jacket shows off your waist and creates an hourglass shape.

Source: Oprah

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