March 19, 2007

Top 10 Places wer you can shop till drop...or get broke..

Mark your calendars people.. from 16th june till the 2nd of September our very own Mega SALE Carnival is gonna start.. almost 70% save your money..these are the places that you should really check out... shopaholics countdown starts:

1.Cats whiskers 7-1, First Floor, Jalan Telawi 2, tel: 2282-7317) a very chic selection of clothes.. you can hang out for hours there and try
out as many clothes as you want... then you can chill out in No. 20 Jalan Telawi Tiga, Bangsar Baru Starbucks la,,,,,,
2. Spade Klcc : Check out for all der cool bags ,( clutch,evening bag, and so on) dresses ( i like their bold prints) and and belts..
3. Momoe Midvalley - if u guys are into japanese street fashion..check out this outlet .. i like their monkey caps and shoes..
4. Calvin Klein JeansG083 Ground Floor midvalley- invest in a proper fitted jeans .. trust me its worth it..

For those who are lazy towalk aroud the mall... hit Metrojaya.. can be found in: One utama, Sogo, Midvalley and Subang Parade get SJP's new scent .. Lovely in the same time make sure you visit

5. Somerset Bay- gives you the contemporary image,elegant,romantic.. and fabric is light.. plus i love the colours..
6. East India-cool sophisticated clothes..warm colours .. if you are hunting for a nice top make sure you drop by this particular store..
7. Nose/Vincci- they would probably have the most reasonable price ever at this time.. get your shoes at this time.. it will be cheaper than cheap??
8. Isetan Kl- If i'm not mistaken the sale ended today.. dont worry folks it will start again..
Ladies Shoes & Leather Goods Fair Date:9 ~ 20 Mar' 07 Venue:LOT 10 - Concourse
both the Klcc one and LOt 10 are known for its sale... superb sale.. MNG.. Nicole..Soda..Levis Jeans... even der bags are superb.. i love the MNG bags..
9.Jusco: Alpha Angle, 1 Utama, Taman Maluri (9th March till 1st of April)-and it will roll all over again during Mega sale...
Economical shopping...for those who couldnt be bothered with big labels try Cleef.,Sam,Arcadia and Chic Avenue

1. Mumbai Se- I wonder if they will have sale... i visited the one in BV2 and nearly died looking at the prices.. wah.. i thought Guess was cut throat.. this was even worse.. but their clothes were simply superb and elegant..trendiest designed outfits, if you guys really wanna buy stuffs from there carry at least 5k with you.. (in my dreams)or else do what i did.. window shop!!! Oh ya they have one in S'pore too... lolz.. double the price double the merrier..

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Muthu Kumar Veerapen said...

Dear Ms Shopaholic,
How about us men? Where to shop??? Heeheee

Must go hunt myself! =p