March 21, 2007

Jackie O's Seduction Secrets

The classy, no-fail way to pick up quality men

1. Use flaws to your advantage.
In an essay that won her a prestigious Vogue magazine prize, a young Jackie wrote, “I am…5'7”, with brown hair... and eyes so unfortunately far apart that it takes three weeks to have a pair of glasses made.”
So.. if you're short .. don't whinge.. men like pixie looking women.. look at Rani Mukherjee she's hot..
2. Don't spook men needlessly.
Although she was curious and well-read, a young Jackie opted to deflate her smarts around bachelors, feigning nervousness, for instance, about exams or her ability to finish coursework. In the same time don't act dumb or think men prefer dumb women.. what Jackie is trying to say is that you dont have to proove that you're Einstein's daughter to impress a man..
3. Speak softly (and carry good lipstick).
Jackie made a concerted effort to temper her conversational voice sometime during college. She willed herself to speak sotto voce — typically drawing out the S in words like “yessssssss.” Gentlemen callers found the trait seductive; it also afforded her the kind of attention a conspiratorial whisper can conjure. Even as a young man, admirer Thomas Guinzburg (a college-age friend of Jackie's and later her boss at Viking) “found that pretty attractive.” Since this breathy technique compels a man to lean closer to hear you (thus bringing your mouth into greater focus), be sure to have your lips primed with a flattering — and preferably unflavored — color
4.Don't scoff at matchmaking.
.Jackie was by no means a fan of the practice, but it is how she and Jack got together. Probably one of the biggest mistakes in her life.. watever happen to Judith Exner and Monroe?? Didn't Exner met Jack through Sinatra?? Looks like Jackie was not the only woman falling for that trap...
5.Be detached, and tune out all “dating” shows.
Jackie's father had firm opinions about how a woman should capture a man: “Play hard to get!” he'd admonish repeatedly. She took his advice seriously, preferring to exude nonchalance rather than commit quickly or easily.
6. Make him the epicenter of your universe — at least until dessert arrives
Always appear intensely fascinated by the man you're with. Never look bored, never glance over his shoulder, and always draw him out with endless questions.
7. When three's a crowd, make it four.
Remind a roaming man that he isn't the only one with outside love connections... yeah.. remind them that if they think they have a market we have one too...
8.Cozy up to the family kingpin.
Thanks mainly to her grandfather, Jackie knew how to handle older, powerful men — especially her father-in-law, Joe Kennedy, who favored her and her smart spunkiness over his other daughters-in-law.
9.It isn't over until the altar.
Practical to her core, Jackie had no qualms about keeping her options open during her first — yes, first — engagement, to John Husted in 1952. She went about town with, among others, a dreamy journalist who had been at the Washington Times-Herald. Was this good-girl behavior? Probably not. Did she follow her gut instincts, and eventually land a future president instead? You get the idea.
10. Get the book la.. and ya be yourself dont go on pretending .. he should love you for who you are..

Source: I Village ,

Shelly Branch

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