March 18, 2007

Contradictions.. Lies.. and..Games..

Whoever who gave us the idea that fairy tales do come true basically lied.. like it or not people ,things have changed.. over the years the players change but the game remains the same.. forget about fairy tales.. movies like Jerry Mcguire with taglines like "You Complete Me" could only be something that a script writer can come up with.. and yet everyday before we go to bed we pray that tomorrow would indeed be a better day and eventually we are going to meet "THE ONE"... Yes people.. you got it right.. I'm single.. not diseasead..not miserable but simply annoyed about certain issues in regards of relationship..

There is no right person... many wait.. but eventually they end up being married to someone because they are obliged too,marriage based on compromise..or convenience .. papa and mama forced you to marry miss/mr freak... or simply because they need a companion...I dont blame them .. everyone has their own reasons and this reminds me of an incident during a confession period with a friend, I told her that I rather be alone than to be married to a jerk.. her reply was something that i could not beleive off.. she said do you want to watch soap operas.. eat popcorns and feed your dog biscuits while friends your age have babies?? I actually gave her opinion a serious thought.. being alone for 22 years of your life is bad enough can you imagine another century??And just sometimes loneliness may haunt you.. whilst they have someone who they can yack hours on the phone with there I am multitasking by sweating, cleaning up my make-up kit and watching ANTM... just as my thoughts began to see a different picture.. imagining myself in a nun's outfit and scrubbing the floor.. thats when my phone rang..

Jane Doe told me all the jazz about another friends bad episode with her bf whom she's been dating for years.. he called her names and used foul language ,he attempted to hit her, nah wait a minute ... on second thoughts the actus reus was carried out .. i shuddered?? how on earth can they tolerate an abusive relationship?? the reason i used the word tolerate was because the same princess who cried assault and battery was seen holding hands with arse the following week... once again she might have had her own reasons to stay and its her prerogative but why stay with a guy who doesnt value your opinion nor does he has the least respect for you as a women?? ERm.. Women tend to hold on to the only thing that they have invested mostly in... love.. simply because time.. money.and their emotions has been involved.. and that happens to be the hardest thing to leave..

How can one be friends after the most humilliating episode in their life?? In the same time another nagging thought enters..we cant ignore not knowing whether the person is alive , is he doin ok or not ... and I realise that it's ok to care even if the other person is a jerk.. we continue being who we are.. but ultimately there is one thing that we have to face... FACT: MOve on... he/she was just not into you.. I believe in karma.. maybe we weren't meant to be.. Every second is important.. things have changed.. people have changed.. nowadays they even dare to tell you that you've been seconds late regards of your existence intheir love life.. (meaning they are already in a relationship) aiks..?? wtf?? I mean some people believe that its all's fair in love and war.. I agree.. but only when you think that the battle is worth the risk.. and the person you are fighting for has proven that he/she deserves your acknowledgement.. . jangan tepuk sebelah tangan.. fact is 80 percent of the time is filled with EXCUSES... and yes the whole process starts all over again.. learn how to heal.. believe.. and hope... dont plan anything.. follow the waves.. take things slowly.. perhaps there is something better for you...

Come on... we are sick of excuses.. its either you want to make it work... or you want out.. there is no such thing as I have to be with that particular person ... we always have choices in whatever we do.. its just that we limit ourselves by saying we dont have one.. people come and go into our lives.. and often we are placed second best to everything.. as soon as we realise that things arent going to change and move on.. thats when life is much simpler.. remember we aint no mystic soothhsayers who can telepathically decode other people's thoughts and emotions... LOve comes in a strange way.. and the art of failure is even stranger... maybe with love comes money?? maybe not.. maybe people are afraid of being alone?? maybe not.. it remains a secrecy.. think you can play the game right?? nah... you'll either end up losing with you butt up.. or picking up pieces from where you left for your entire life.. I watched Music and Lyrics on Valentines Day with my gal friends.. Drew Berrymore wore this gorgeous red dress.. and yup Hugh Grant's bon bon shaking was hilarious yet cute... POP!! The movie analyses people with complicated characters.. till the end Drew does not succeed in confronting the jerk who wrote a book about her.. but what the story teller is trying to convey is.. you dont necessarily have to do that.. sometimes.. it just doesnt matter.. a jerk will always be a jerk.. leopards dont change their spots..

Back in Convent.. when i use to pass by Starbucks there use to be this particular dude who sits there and stares at the ceiling for a very long time... now I realise that either dude was in a bad relationship or his MIL moved in with him.. I'm not saying relationships are bad.. I am saying that not all are worth the effort... And being single isn't that bad...Whereby I dont mind watching Grey's Anatomy .. stuffing my mouth with popcorn and feeding my dog .. Indeed doing this routine is 100 times better than being in a sour, ugly draggy relationship.. so single people cheer up......

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