March 27, 2007

The Nighty Nite Gang...

We've known each other for years... with Gods grace we'll be there for each other through sick and happiness.. We are known as the Nighty Nite gang.. Vani gave us the name .. cause we always come home at weird hours until our handphones will be ringing continuously.. all of us would have the same word flashing on the phone Home Home !! the funny and good part is that we don't club or drink... we eat and yack and yack..all of us are uni students, with different characteristics and attitude.. but we have the chemistry that ables us to communicate well, Since I was watching Dances with Wolves I decided to give all of us a Sioux name... hehe.. you know names like Red Hawk, Bear white, Yellow Deer....

Vani- Makes weird noises (that's her Sioux name)

Muthu- Non tamil speaking ( he has another group contradicting to this one.. The K's(all Chinese members xcluding him)

Khaya- The Sensitive One

Prisha- Funny Face

Me- Talks in her sleep

Cool ha.. now we have Sioux names that we can use when we don't want people to know our identity..


Muthu Kumar Veerapen said...

OOnGa BooNgA!
Me Non Tamil Speaking,
You Talk in Sleep
and also
Got no Other better Work To do!

(Is that a sioux name) =p Lol

MissSHopaHolic said...

lolz! hey i'm just being creative and interesting...