March 28, 2007

Beauty Shop...

Being a vain port I do visit the the beauty shop.. this is where I get my eyebrows , and facials done. I've known my beautician friend for many years.. since I was 15 .. it feels almost like home and she is someone dear to me.. the situation in the beauty shop is sometimes hilarious and sometimes very weird.. the drama goes on.. everyday there would be a new character popping out of no where.. Let me list the people with drama queen tags ..

The owner- She's sweet and pretty.. often complains about her weight,
opens whenever she wants and does not follow in accordance with the time printed in her visiting card,
her bf looks like a principle who caught a bunch of students playing truant,
thinks the saloon guy has a crush on her.

The Best Friend- Another drama queen who can give lessons to
upcoming actors who need help,Number one gossip,she knows about everything,
(she happens to date a policeman) even if you keep your mouth shut she keeps feeding
you with juicy news,a mother of two who doesn't give a damn what people think of her and
has issues with other people using her nailcutter, is afraid of the owners bf.. dono why ler...

The Saloon Guy- I though he was gay the first time I laid my eyes on him,
practically everytime I pay my visit to the beauty shop he doesn't seem to
be entertaining clients , he ends up cleaning and mopping the place a few times,
told by another drama king that once there was this two Latino ladies asking him about
Brazilian wax.. nodded his head and said ya ya ya... lolz... the dude had no idea w
hat those ladies were asking. He thought they wanted to rebond their hair...... how dumb!

Drama King- Happened to be the Saloon Guy's client at first,
ended up being gossip buddies with The Owner after bringing his gf for a facial,
ever since, he never associated himself with the saloon guy, a tall
dude who talks at the speed of a lightning, has weird sense of humour and likes bitching...
now this phrase made me wonder who is the actual gay person??

Family - They actually have their family discussion there, ironically
they think we don't understand their language (i understand them perfectly)... lolz... its fun sometimes to eavesdrop, younger brother has issues with alcohol and stuffs,
has a gorgeous sister with temper issues, mother is often caught eating, eating and
eating.. nyamph,nyamph.....

And the drama goes on..