March 27, 2007

The Good, Bad and Worse...

I had the opportunity of being alone at home on one fortunate day.. classes were cancelled and I was delirious , plus the very fact of being in a solitary confinement... made me smile... before this the only privacy i get is in the bathroom... but not today .. I decided to watch the collection of movies which was stacked in a corner.. The Shawshank Redemption.. one hell of a cool movie... the dude got sentenced for a crime he did not commit and got stucked in a awful place for twenty years.. and managed to get out from prison using a small hammer which even had Morgan Freeman mentioning that it would probably take him 6000 years to get it done.. i loved Tim Robbins character.. he was smart,witty,and also different.. different in the sense of his personality,he was difficult to read.. he ain't no open book.. Morgan Freeman impressed me with his institutional concept.. he said in prison he's the guy who can get things done but outside he'll be a no gooder.. the character Brooks commited suicide because he thought he was simply not intelligent enough for the outside world.. he was the librarian for gawd knows how many years.. in the end i realised that the little things the we get so fed up and irritated waiting for.. is actually worth waiting for.. if you have the determination , patience and a whole bunch of guts to execute ,anything is possible. Now.. the good one ends..

I still had time.. so I watched Dances with wolves... I enjoyed watching the movie cause i got to know a culture so different than mine... but the movie was sooooooo dragyy... and Mary McDonnell( Stands with a fist) looks older than KC .. in fact she looks older than her adopted parents... the one scene that i really enjoyed was Kc dancing around the fire ... and that Two Socks( the wolf) was indeed worth watching.. but i prefered The Shawshank Redemption..

Then i decided to watch Ah Aah.. ( Tamil pic) hell... i had a horrible headache afterwards.. so dumb that SJ Suryah deserves an award for annoyance.. with vulgarity and irritating dialogues this one is not in my good books.. two people living in sin ( living together) he is suspicious.. she is a nag.. he is a pervert.. i liked their neighbour though.. songs were fine.. but these clowns spoiled em' , movie was horrible.. SJ overacted.. but if you want to watch a movie that you want to condemn ,do watch this one.. you might even be satisfied cause it literally evokes your bitchy mood..

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