March 29, 2007


I came across this post card when I was going through the post secrets column, this particular one really caught my attention, cause as simple as the secret sounds it really got into me, that as much as people think they are different, we are actually so much alike.. we all have secrets, some we share, some we don't, some of us pour our thoughts and secrets in different ways, we blog,some prefer the diary, myself I do both. My diary is more "me" than my blog, there are things that till today I can't seem to talk about to anyone, its not only the issue of trust, but it's more than that, how would the other person perceive me? I'm the sort of person who couldn't care two hoots about what people who are unimportant think of me, but when it comes to people I love, It really bothers me, which is why I prefer the diary.

Something inside me died when disappointments keeps crawling into my life, Life is game, and everytime I tell myself I want to play it better , I keep losing all over again, and picking up from where I left is even tough, this reminds me of a movie that I've watched, this little gal has a booth called "Secret Keeper" and she charges her clients 30 cents per person, from breaking your mothers china and lying about your true identity, she keeps their secrets in a paper back and stuffs them into her trunk, day by day, she feels bad cause her own personal secrets are being piled up, she has no one to talk to,my point is as much as we like to have our privacy, some things are better told than never, choose the person you are about to open up to wisely,at times you don't want comments you just want someone who actually listens for once, atleast start writing a diary, this way you wont have people invading your space.

Now back to my disappointments, I hate them, I want to change them, but I cant, so I've decided to just embrace them and get over it. I wish life could be an open book, if only people could stop pretending and be honest, you might be amazed with how much you can put up with. Secrets.. .. the remaining ones haunt me at times, but nowadays I tell it out , if not all, bits and pieces, but till today the one person I trust the most is my diary. Secrets can make people put on a mask, sometimes its necessary, but most of the time you'll end up feeling lousy, so people If you think your heart has had enough of secrets, there is nothing wrong in pouring them out, be it to your best friend, diary, through post cards, your dog, or trust me even to a stranger , its your prerogative and honestly we'll feel much better.

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